Wonsit: Ute Girl Crossing Wild Wyoming

Wonsit was just 10 years old when her tribe was abused by a U.S. Government agent bent on ruining their lives. With her mother, father, faithful mule Willow and her tribe, they all attempt a dangerous crossing of wild Wyoming.

Disaster for the White River Ute people happened in September of 1879. Living peacefully on their reservation in a beautiful mountain valley in northern Colorado, The United States Army violated the treaty with the Ute people. Army troops from Wyoming came and made an unprovoked attack on the peaceful Ute people. The governor of Colorado demanded that the “savages” be removed from his state. The U.S. government moved the Utes to northern Utah where they faced more unfair treatment until they decided to try to find a better place to live. Ten-year-old Wonsit and her faithful mule, Willow, face survival on a dangerous journey across Wyoming.

Published in 2018, Wonsit: Ute Girl Crossing Wild Wyoming is Ken Thomasma’s most recent book.

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