Pathki Nana: Kootenai Girl Solves a Mystery

Pathki Nana never felt she was as good as the other young girls in her Kootenai village.

Making her life even harder, her sister, Red Willow, seemed to do everything right. Often Pathki would go off to be by herself. Many people in her village called this eight-year-old, “The Sad One.”

When, according to the tribal custom, Pathki’s mother instructed her to go into the mountains to seek a personal guardian spirit, no one knew the child’s stay there would result in a life-and-death struggle.

Pathki Nana’s story is full of high adventure, Indian lore, survival skills, and a special love a grandmother has for her granddaughter.

Pathki Nana: Kootenai Girl Solves a Mystery was the winner of the Wyoming Indian Paintbrush Book Award in 1993.

What readers say about Pathki Nana:

“I read this book about two years ago but it has left a lasting impression! This book is packed to the top with adventure!” – Karen

“A coming-of-age story that’s also a survivalist thriller! The series of Kenneth Thomasma books includes favorite characters such as Naya Nuki and Soun Tetoken. But it’s Pathki Nana that holds a special place in my heart.” – Ashley

“I need to get my own copy of this book -because once again I was swept away as a young girl reading about the adventure of another girl my age escaping her enemy and surviving on her own for a couple of months in the wintertime.” – Yvonne

“Ken Thomasma writes very empowering books for young readers. His sentences are short and the stories are swift moving and filled with action. My daughter especially enjoyed this one, so much that she said I HAD to read it. I can see why she loved it so much.” – Chelsea

“This is a great story about the courage of a young girl. I read it when I was younger and just picked it up again for a quick read and remember why I loved it so much.” – Lindsay

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