Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran

Naya Nuki was only eleven when she was taken captive by a rival Indian tribe. She and her best friend, Sacajawea, were forced to march 1000 miles from Montana to a North Dakota Indian village, where Naya Nuki became a slave.

Escape and reunion with her Shoshoni people was the only thing on Naya Nuki’s mind. She secretly began to prepare for her escape along the Missouri River. All during her long march east she had been watching for landmarks and hiding places.

Finally the opportunity to run away came. Naya Nuki traveled alone in the wilderness for more than a month. Her journey presents an amazing story of danger, courage, and survival skills.

Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran was the winner of the Wyoming Indian Paintbrush Book Award in 1986.

What readers say about Naya Nuki:

“My absolute favorite book in 4th grade. I must have checked it out from the library at least fifteen times, and the result of this is that I still remember the plot of the story almost perfectly.” – Madeline

“All the stars!! This was a companion read for our history unit on Native American tribes. Such a fantastic book! The kids all LOVED it. Even my kiddo that complains about reading time was asking for “one more chapter” each time we read. I love a good book about a strong female character. Naya Nuki definitely delivered. This girl had a lot of grit, smarts, and determination. We loved reading about her adventures. The best part? She was a real person. This story of her brave escape from captivity and 1,000 mile journey to find her people is based on events that actually happened. Can’t say enough good things about this book.” – Kendall

“Read this old childhood favorite of mine with my 9 year old. We both enjoyed it!” – Mindy

“I lived in Idaho for part of my childhood and my dad bought me this book on the Blackfoot reservation near Pocatello. I loved it so much, I read it over and over. I am so excited that it is now available as an ebook so that my own children and many others can enjoy this true story of incredible bravery and determination.” – Katie

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