Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran

A classic tale of bravery, determination, and courage, Naya Nuki is Ken’s first and most popular book. This gripping novel follows a brave eleven year old girl who escapes from slavery to traverse the country and return to her family.

Takini: Lakota Boy Alerts Sitting Bull

A seven-year-old Lakota orphan plays an important role in the events leading up to the notorious Battle of the Little Big Horn. A plucky boy blessed with seemingly boundless good fortune makes it out of many tight spots, but will his luck run out?

Wonsit: Ute Girl Crossing Wild Wyoming

In the aftermath of an unprovoked attack on her Ute tribe, Wonsit and her family again face the challenge of relocating to a far-off reservation. Accompanied by her faithful mule, Willow, Wonsit’s adventure puts her resilience to the ultimate test.

Pathki Nana: Kootenai Girl Solves a Mystery

A very bright, and yet lonely young girl, Pathki Nana often feels she’s an outsider in her own village. But when she stumbles into a mystery, she discovers courage and resourcefulness that she didn’t know she had.

Soun Tetoken: Nez Perce Boy Tames a Stallion

A young orphan boy is adopted by the son of famed Nez Perce Chief Sitting Bull, and is swept up in the events leading up to the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Befriended by a stallion and a coyote pup, Soun’s adventure unfolds during a time of growing racial tensions and conflict.

The Truth about Sacajawea

The only book ever written that tells the eyewitness truth about this famous teenage Indian mother who was indispensable to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Om-kas-toe: Blackfeet Twin Captures an Elkdog

Life in the Blackfeet tribe is never the same after young Om-kas-toe and his twin sister discover and capture a horse. An exciting story of resourcefulness and loyalty, this historical novel has been a reader favorite for decades.

Moho Wat: Sheepeater Boy Attempts a Rescue

After losing his left hand to a vicious mountain lion, young Moho Wat is determined to overcome his injury and learn to hunt. His bravery is put to the test when he must rescue the beautiful Wind Flower from an enemy tribe.

Doe Sia: Bannock Girl and the Handcart Pioneers

When two brave girls have the unforeseen chance to become friends, their bond is what keeps them alive through harrowing perils of the West. Their loyalty and teamwork ultimately translates into their survival.

Amee-nah: Zuni Boy Runs the Race of His Life

Navigating life with a disability is a challenge for Amee-nah; his clubfoot makes it all but impossible for him to keep up with the other boys. But when he has the opportunity for a corrective operation, his dreams become much closer.

Kunu: Winnebago Boy Escapes

An unshakeable bond with his grandfather, and pure determination to return to his homeland drive Kunu to escape the Crow Creek Reservation. Together, Kunu and his grandfather embark on a journey that demands grit, courage, and resilience.

Cinder Rescue Cat

This thrilling picture book follows the adventures of helicopter pilot Samantha Franklin and her feline co-pilot, Cinder. Inspired by true events, Cinder is a story about friendship, loyalty, leadership and bravery.

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