Jackson Hole’s Oldest Independent Publishing Company

Founded in 1987 by author and educator Kenneth Thomasma, Grandview Publishing currently sells a variety of historically-inspired young adult fiction, nonfiction, and a children’s book.

Ken’s books have been nominated for the annual Wyoming Indian Paintbrush Book Award seven times, and have won three.

About Ken

Born in Michigan in 1930, Ken first ventured to the West with an opportunity to help run a summer camp for boys in the Montana wilderness. After twelve seasons at Lost Trail Camp, he and his wife – Bobbi – decided to permanently leave the Midwest behind.

With their son, Dan, they moved to Jackson Hole. Both Ken and Bobbi continued their teaching careers in Wyoming. Ken’s first book – Naya Nuki – was born of his fascination with the Lewis & Clark expedition, and was published in 1983.

He has since written a total of eleven books, which are published in nine languages. He has hosted storytelling events in all fifty states, and in four countries.

Ken still calls Jackson Hole home, and is a proud grandfather and great-grandfather.

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