Where legends and landscapes meet

When he first ventured west in 1959, Ken Thomasma fell in love with the Rocky Mountains, and was fascinated by the people who historically inhabited these rugged lands.

Imagining what their lives entailed, he penned the beloved Amazing Indian Children book series.

Mountain-grown stories of courage and resilience

Rooted in history, inspired by adventure

Ken Thomasma’s award-winning historical fiction follows the adventures of children from indigenous tribes across the West.

As a lifelong educator and adventurer, Ken has immersed himself in the history and lands of the American West. He’s discovered inspiration in dusty books and on mountaintops alike.

Share beloved titles with a new generation

Loved by teachers, parents, and – most of all – kids

Hundreds of thousands of children across the globe have been enthralled by these action-packed stories inspired by true life.

Thrilling, fast-paced tales make for great read-alouds at home or in the classroom.